Collagen Stimulation: An Injectable Treatment that increases Volume & Revitalises the Skin

Bio stimulants are the next generation in cosmetic fillers used in the treatment of deep lines, wrinkles and the augmentation of noses, cheeks and chins.

Created differently to popular standard dermal fillers, bio-stimulants are made up of microspheres suspended in a gel; this unique combination works to reverse ageing through 2 steps.

Step one involves injecting the gel to sculpt, lift and restore lost volume with effects being visible immediately, whilst step two is the natural formation of new collagen. The gel portion of the filler starts to be naturally absorbed after 4 weeks, however during that period of time the microspheres start to stimulate new collagen formation.

This new collagen formation peaks at around 12 weeks, helping reinforce the work of the filler, long after the gel has dissolved. The spheres then continue to stay in place and stimulate collagen for 1, 2, 3 or 4 years depending on the product chosen.

Collagen is the main structural protein of our skin and makes our skin appear firm and smooth – characteristics often associated with a youthful appearance. However, with age, natural collagen production slows down, so that our skin gets thinner and loses volume and elasticity, therefore the formation of new collagen not only helps to provide longer lasting results it also helps with overall radiance and skin health.

Standard dermal fillers typically last up to 12 months, however many patients who are satisfied with the result might consider a longer-lasting option that has the added benefit of improving skin quality.

Collagen Stimulation Before & After Images


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