Breast Reduction Surgery in Melbourne & Brisbane

Cosmetic1 offers a range of procedures to Australian women including breast reduction surgery, which is performed in our Melbourne and Brisbane locations. Surgical removal of excessive breast tissue permanently reduces the breast bulk and improves the breast shape too, and is a procedure many women choose to undergo for a number of reasons.

Why do Women choose this Procedure?

Wanting to reduce large breasts is often a decision that is not based purely on aesthetics (however, patients may consider appearance as well). Large breasts can cause a range of physical symptoms such as neck, shoulder and back pain, or bra straps cutting into the shoulders. Psychologically this can also be distressing.

The reduction may be able to reduce difficultly during exercise in cases where breasts get in the way of the arms during activity. It may also be beneficial to those suffering skin irritation underneath the breast such as rashes or fungal infections. For others, it may mean finding clothes that fit become easier.

Of course, choosing to undergo a surgery should be carefully considered and all risks need to be discussed with you from a member of our team. Exercise and diet should also be the first resort.

Benefits of Breast Reduction surgery with Dr David Topchian

  • Surgeon who has successfully performed hundreds of these operations
  • A technique that results in less scarring and a better shape long-term
  • Day surgery – usually home a couple of hours after surgery
  • Typically, back to work in a week
  • All-inclusive, premium surgical and recovery package
  • Medicare and Private Health Insurance may apply

About the Breast Reduction Procedure

The vertical scar technique of breast reduction leaves the least scarring, with the longest duration of effect. It is performed in a licensed day hospital with a general anaesthetic, generally taking about two hours to complete. No drainage tubes are routinely used and patients return to work in a week.

Liposuction is an alternative to breast reduction surgery that can, in the right circumstances, reduce breast size by a cup size on average. It is mostly suited to older women (who have a higher fat percentage in the breast).

breast reduction different options

Breast Reduction Before & After Images

BreastReduction1 BeforeBreastReduction1 After
BreastReduction2 BeforeBreastReduction2 After

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